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Hello! I created this quote blog on wordpress.com several years ago, and I recently decided it’s time to unify my personal site and my blogs under one roof. The new home of this quote blog is over at arestelle.net/quotes.

I will keep If Ideas Had Shapes available here, and there are new quotes scheduled through the beginning of October 2018, which will appear on both sites, but from then on the only place new quote posts will appear is over at arestelle.net. Email subscriptions aren’t available there, yet, but there is an RSS feed you can follow.

Neil Gaiman

I think most things are pretty magical, and that it’s less a matter of belief than it is of just stopping to notice.

from a “Q&A About Coraline”

Neil Gaiman – Coraline (2002)

Coraline wondered why so few of the adults she had met made any sense. She sometimes wondered who they thought they were talking to.

Douglas Hofstadter – Gödel, Escher, Bach (1979)

Numbers as realities misbehave. However, there is an ancient and innate sense in people that numbers ought not to misbehave. …there ought to be a way of talking about numbers without always having the silliness of reality come in and intrude.