If my ideas had shapes, my head would hurt a lot more.


I like reading. I like finding good quotes in the books I read, whether they’re hilarious parodies of overconfident philosophers or cautiously optimistic musings on the future of human space travel. Here is what I’ve found.

Or did you expect me to talk about, well, me?


I’m thirty-three (holy cosmic teapot does that sound strange).
I studied philosophy at uni.
I would have had more fun studying computer programming and/or physics, though I started off an art major.
And to be fair, I loved Logic.
And now I’m thinking economics would’ve been chouette, too.
But I hated school.
Because it failed me. It made learning not fun (which is an impressive, if deplorable, feat).
But then I went back, for a master’s in code-monkeying, because I often get an itch to make things, and programming is a way to scratch that itch. (Plus, I heard it pays well.)
It has been said that I read voraciously.
That may have something to do with the fact that I have been known to read whole books (usually by Terry Pratchett) in a single day. And then read another the next.
I like RPGs.
I wish I had a pottery studio, a Kawai upright grand, and a whole lot more time.
I’d rather be behind a camera than in front of it.
I also like Guster, The Pretender, and mango sticky rice.

How’s that?

(The quote at the top of this page was a statement by one of my professors during lecture. She may or may not remember saying it, but like so many other colorful or amusing out-of-context quotes, it lives on in the margin of my notebook. There was another, regarding her mother, fascism, and George Bush, which it would probably be ungenerous to repeat.)