Neil Gaiman – Sandman, vol. 2 (1990)

by vyh

Morpheus: You try my patience, little ghost. Where are your masters?
Hector: That didn’t faze you, huh? Well, let’s see how you react to a cartridge of dream sand!
M: I can feel them, hiding in that place. Get out of my way.
H: Monster, you shall never get past me.
M: And who are you…?
H: I am the Sandman, guardian of the dreams of men, protector against wicked nightmares, lord of the Dream Dome, and friend of children everywhere!
M: You are what? Hrrr. Hrr. Hrrraahh. You…? You are the Sandman? Is that what they told you, little ghost? Hrr. Hrrahhahaha. Ha ha ha ha ha hrrahh hahaha! (facepalm) Ohhh. Humanity, I love you. You never cease to amaze me.